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April 19, 2011


Goodbye Song (single)

It’s midnight • In the moonlight • Nothin’ seems like • It’ll ever be the same • Driving rain • Like a hurricane • Come to wash away • Everything I know • It’s time to go • Time to say hello • To whatever is waiting for me • Down the road • And I’ll miss you when I’m gone • So I write this goodbye song • And walk on • 3 A.M. • I’m alone again • No one to talk to • So I just stare blank at the walls • Filled with doubt • Trying to figure out • What brought me here • And what to do now that I’m on my own • When I wrote this goodbye song • I left it all and dove headlong • Goodbye song • Morning light • Thoughts of last night • Make me feel like • Nothing much has changed • But that’s not so • Staring out the window • I tell myself that I did • What I had to do • But that’s not true • Is it too late to • Change mistakes I made • When I was so confused • And I missed you while I was gone • But then you knew that all along • And I’ll kiss you on and on • Please forgive this goodbye song • I was wrong

Track Credits:

Bronson Wagner
Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Co-Producer

Ronni Santmyer
Guitars, Engineer, Co-Producer

Nick Bertling