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release date:

December 22, 2013


Christmas Time (single)

Why does it have to be Christmas time • For us to treat each other kindly • Tell me why can’t it be this way the whole year through • Why does it take a holiday • To make us behave the way we know we should • No matter who’s making a list and checking it twice • Why does it have to be Christmas time • That makes our spirits bright • Is it too much to ask for every day • To turn into every night • Without a fight • Silent night • Why does it have to be Christmas time • Why not anytime whether rain or shine • Or cloudy or snowing you see where I’m going don’t you • If this is the best time of year • Why can’t the season last 365 days • Until it’s the only way we know • I say get rid of Christmas • I surely won’t miss this • Chaotic commercialization • Do your savior a favor • And mind your behavior • Without the threat of damnation • Do unto others • And you might just discover • That you don’t need a lighted tree • To feel alright • All is bright • Why does it have to be Christmas time

Track Credits:

Bronson Wagner
Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Co-Producer

Ronni Santmyer
Guitars, Drum Programming, Engineer, Co-Producer