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April 22, 2012


Sunrise (single)

Sunrise, sunset • The time has come and gone • Sad eyes, regret • It’s time to move on • Hearts break, hearts mend • They mend before you know • Goodbye, my friend • It’s so hard to see you go • And though it may be dark • And though it may seem unreachable • Sunset means tomorrow isn’t far • Tomorrow’s never far • Moonlight, stars shine • A chill is in the air • Tonight I’m crying • Does anybody care? • And though it may be cold • And though it may seem like forever • Darkness brings us closer to the dawn • Closer to • Daybreak, daylight • Come to show the way • Wide awake, alive • Ready to face the day • And though you may feel scared • And though you may feel out of control • Morning means tomorrow’s here at last • And the mourning has passed

Track Credits:

Bronson Wagner
Vocals, Bass, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards, Co-Producer

Ronni Santmyer
Additional Guitars, Engineer, Co-Producer

Nick Bertling
Drums and Percussion